power level question

I know this is supposed to be grittier than a standard dnd style romp, but are the players going to struggle against goblins their entire career, or will the game allow for demon/dragon slaying.

mostly i want to know if id be able to run more modern dnd style modules (such as some pathfinder adventure paths with modification obviously) using this system.


Taking on dragons will never be easy, but you’ll be able to do it. We’ve got two statted up in the book!

That said, goblins can still prove troublesome, even at high levels!

That’s good, dragons and giants and such should be tough, and all monsters should at the very least be threatening at all levels.

After hearing that Might is like Natural Order in Mouse Guard, the idea of fighting a dragon has me super-excited. In order to actually kill it, you’ll need something that equalizes your Might, or allows you to kill creatures with Might > yours + 1. Before that, though, you could parley, riddle with it, or even drive it off. That just sounds great for long-term play.

You’ll need a dragon-slaying sword (or arrow)…or an army.

I need to get me one of those! So far, I only have this knife that does +9 against ogres.

Which reminds me: “I attack the darkness” might just be oddly appropriate in TB.