Practiced Percision to Increase Weapon Speed?

The Practiced Precision Dt can be used to shorten nock and draw by one action (as stated), but can it be used to increase the standard weapon speed by one (increase your staff speed from 2 to 3, your longsword from 3 to 4, ect).
It would seem that the more practice you get with a favorite weapon, the more precision you develop in your swing, the better you could swing it, and the faster the weapon speed becomes.
As far as that goes, Practiced Precision Great Strike anyone? (Becoming so practiced at the precisely delivered Great Strike that you deliver it in one action rather than two). Sure, you would have to be in an aggressive stance to do it (trait), but a volley one/action one Great Strike with a sweet axe or pole axe could end the fight real quick.

  1. No, because of how the trait is written, but there’s nothing wrong with another trait to increase weapon speed.

  2. This actually does look like it works as the rules are written, but no. No no no no no. Do not ever allow single-action Great Strikes.

So basically just duplicate Dt cost and effect, but rename and reword the description to demonstrate the difference.
“Relentless Strike”(Dt) cost 2 Rps in burning
“So relentless with his weapon that he gains an extra strike with it” (+1 to Weapon Speed)
The same could be said for
“Powerful Swing”(Dt) 5 Rps
(Based on Hands of Iron)
“So mightily doth he swing that tis as if his weapon were wielded by a stronger man” (+1 Power to chosen weapon)
“Weapon Flourish” (C-O) 2 Rps
“With a quick flourish of his weapon, he overcomes a missed block or strike” (call on weapon skill reroll or tie break any missed block or strike that used the flourished weapon skill)

Something like that?
(Note, no one action great strikes were featured in this response)