Pratice: All the time or in between?


I’m currently running my first BW game ever via e-mail. So far it’s great: we only roll when it make sense and the system go very well.

My player is interested in training rules… and so am i.

Spontaneously i want to tell: only train during downtime between story and when it make sense. For example, when a constant situation doesnt require a roll we can log some tests.

But then again, our ressource cycle is 6 month. If he fail the ressource test and got to work to resplendish ressource he may want to train the rest of the day (i would). I read the rules again and again and i don’t really know how to handle that. I’m afraid the player will have a tendency to stack as much as pratice as he can everyday and i’m gonna fall into micromanaging training log.

So i’m compelled to ask you: In you campaign does characters train a little all the time or do you alow it just between adventure?

how do you manage all that?


Well, if you got a job as a ditchdigger, you tested Ditchdigging for that. You log that test, you don’t log additional practice for that ability.

Can you log extra practice alongside that? Well, maybe. Generally I’d say no. Depending on the job, you’re probably working a 10-hour day. That doesn’t leave much time or energy for practice. If your job does allow time for practice, you might log additional tests on other abilities (Say, you got a job as a caravan guard and tested Soldiering to recover your resources, but you’re Riding all day too: you might log practice for Riding).

Unless you somehow scored the medieval equivalent of a part-time job (in which case, you should have had a substantial Ob penalty on your Get a Job test to represent reduced pay for reduced work) you don’t have extra outside-work time to be practicing things. Certainly not more than an hour or two daily.

Get a Job uses all the time. You may work quickly on that test to free up some days for practicing or other endeavors.

As far as practice is concerned it is written that you might practice hours=3xWillpower (max 20) per day. So if you have a job taking up like 10 hours a day, you might be able (if GM willing) to sneak in a few hours of practice every day. Like coming home from work and put in some reading/studying, go off and do some training or debating.
Or complimentary practice as mentioned above, to be determined by the GM, giving you the chance to earn a test for some related abilities/skills/stats while doing your chores.
Page 48 ‘Using Practice in the Game’ has some nice examples how to handle stuff like that.