Prayers without Faith

So… nobody’s got Faith in my game, though Dallin is gunning for it. With a strong theme of divine omens, how do you handle prayers from players to gods, asking for help? There’s no beginner’s luck for Faith.

First, you agree with the player that he wants Faith.

Then, you both can discuss how one gets Faith in your setting. Epic Quest? Build a Grand Temple? Seek out a Spiritual Guide? How do you prove your intent?

Once that’s settled, write a Belief about it. Perhaps a new instinct dedicating time each day to prayers? Perhaps drop a tithe at each and every opportunity? Definitely pick up the Doctrine skill.

Finally, the character can start praying. Of course, nothing happens. The gods are just testing him, right?

But at the next trait vote, he might get Believer. That’s a great first step.

Keep at the Belief, set new goals. Convert others to your belief even without Miracle-working. Maybe the God wants more influential mortals in his sphere? Convert the King himself. Have the player spend a Deeds point on it. Learn the Rituals skill. Maybe at this time, his choices and dedication are met with the occasional vision or omen?

At the next trait vote, perhaps he’s achieved his goals and spent enough artha to deserve Faithful.

But without Faithful, in the typical BW setting, prayers go unanswered.

Die of fate. 1. An omen or direct response. 2-6 nothing happens. Follow up die of fate if you want to and you rolled a 1 on the first. 1. Direct response (ala faith) 2-6 an omen or sign.

I think the first step of earning faith is becoming a believer.
If they want this to be their path there should be a belief about it.
To start to truly believe you have to see evidence of the power of the gods. Real power, not pissy Omens.
Once they see with their own eyes that Owen was smote for mocking Odin, they earn the trait “Witness”, they can move on to true faith by developing the trait from there to become True Faith.
There should be struggle, doubt, even tests of faith before the first miracles can even occur, lessons from wise teachers and great men, trials of will and finally you ass pulled out of the fire by a miracle in your favour.

In our boring, mundane religions, actual evidence of the power of the gods is the one thing you don’t get - you’re expected to believe without any evidence. That’s part of the con. :wink:

I’d say stick with it as a test of endurance. Make it hard to get, however you choose to give it, with a couple of trait votes before anything actually happens. I find it hard to believe any God chooses to listen to the prayers of just anyone, and divine beings seem very fond of tormenting their “chosen ones” before they actually give any return on any investments. If you can make the player/character doubt his choice, but stick with it anyway, then you’ve nailed it.