Pre-Orders end Wednesday!

Hi friends,

We’ve received our stock for Burning Wheel Gold Revised and will begin fulfilling orders tomorrow! This is going to be slow and orders will be fulfilled in batches in the order they were placed. If you get a tracking number, expect it to be mailed within a few days. Once shipped the USPS tracking number will be the best way to keep up to date on the status of your order.

For those that haven’t pre-ordered but would still like to, we have a small handful for our discounted pre-order stock remaining. Once those are sold out, BWG will sell for its regular $35 price.

That’s it! Thanks to all of your for your support, we’re excited to share this new edition of Burning Wheel with you. And for those of you attending PAX East… see you soon~



Splendid! Looking very forward to its arrival!

($35 isn’t already the discounted price!? :open_mouth:)

Just got my copy in! It’s absolutely beautiful, love the finish on the cover. The change to the gold for the end sheets also really helps the logo pop. And the Grief changes look interesting! Really looking forward to diving in to the whole thing in detail.

Thanks for putting out another great product!

I’ve got a tracking number but it looks like it is heading to my old address. I sent an email to last week on March 27 but I am not sure that was the right address to send it to. I just moved to a different state and I’ve been living in a hotel for the last month so I wasn’t able to use address forwarding, or rather, my address is currently forwarded to the hotel. Maybe they will get it and I can get it from them. Is there a correct email address I should contact or any other way to remedy the situation?

I didn’t think it would be a problem to get my shipping address updated before the book shipped since I moved in March and the book was listed as releasing in April.

Hey Jeffrey!

I’m looking into why I didn’t receive your email last week, but can help you resolve this regardless. When you have a chance could you send me an email at with your Order Number? I’ll probably need your new shipping address and your current hotel forwarding address eventually so it would speed things up if you can include those as well.


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Thanks for replying, Geoff. Looks like I got more nervous about this than was necessary. I’m super looking forward to getting my copy! I’ll make sure to pick up a Codex soon as well. You folks are awesome.

Should I have gotten an email about my order shipping by now, or are those still going out?

Hi Duncan,

Andy and his fulfillment team have been hard at work preparing confirming stock, and planning/ preparing the orders since we got back from PAX East a few weeks ago. You should receive a notification when your order is shipped and, since you were in one of the early waves of ordering, yours should be going out shortly.


I pre-ordered my copy along with the codex on March 7th and haven’t even received an email regarding shipping. Meanwhile I’m seeing people who have ordered theirs almost a month later with their books. Is there a problem with my order or something? Your Burning Wheel Order Confirmation (#4378)

Hey Jordan!

The process for shipping all the new BW Gold pre-orders is very lengthy so it’s hard to tell when your order will come up in the queue. Rest assured, when it does you will get a shipping notification a few days before that includes a tracking number.

Pre-orders and new BWG Revised orders are being processed in the order they were received, so you’re probably seeing the early batch of orders and those people that managed to pick one up at PAX East.

Thanks for your patience! We’ll have it out to you asap.


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