Predominant Military in the Karsan League: the Landwehr?

In Sheva’s War, we learn that on Karsan League planets, the predominant military is the Landwehr, which appears to be a core of professional forces and a large body of volunteer reserve forces. Shouldn’t that be an automatic faction for Karsan League worlds in Burning Empires?

Not necessarily. From my reading of the BE text, a Faction is a political group independent of, and possibly in competition with, the Dominant Government (such as the Military Junta Faction). Having not read Sheva’s War, I don’t know how the Landwehr is presented in that text, but “by default” I assume it’d be part of the Dominant Government, so it’d just be the in-game name you’d use for the Predominant Military.

Someone will correct me but, I think the various valleys were run by different nobles. So, it might be possible to set up the Landwehr from one of the other valleys as a faction and then use the factional disposition bonus to represent successfully negotiating reinforcements from your mutual defense/feudal/whatever allies.

(I am running purely off memory of both the rules and Sheva’s War here so, grain of salt and all that)

That’s how Taramai was set up. Landwehr are locally raised and led, so while they are, en masse, the government military, a local group of Landwehr could conceivably become a faction if they rebelled, or decided to wage a local fight of some kind seperate from central control.