Premade Characters From Movies or Lit

Hi all,

I just discovered Burning Wheel this past week, and have gotten pretty interested in it. I’m trying to get a group together to run the Sword coming up, but I was thinking we might need more practice than that with some of these rules. It occurred to me that playing through scenes from books or movies that we all know might help us get the hang of it, since we’d already have a good sense of the characters’ beliefs and what’s at stake.

The first thing that came to mind was Boromir trying to persuade Frodo to bring the Ring to Gondor followed by the Orc attack. So I searched this forum and found some cool translations of Middle-Earth into BW. However, I didn’t see any prefabbed Frodos or Boromirs. It wouldn’t be terrible practice for me to try to burn some of these characters, but I thought I’d check on the forum before I went through that whole process first.

Then I thought: why limit it to just Tolkien? There might be other fun scenes that would be good ways to introduce some of the rules and mechanics in a setting and with characters the players would already feel very familiar with. Anyone have any thoughts on other good scenes like that? Anyone have any premade Jack Sparrows, or Rand al’Thors, or Tyrion Lannisters out there? Are there good places on the internet to check out characters other people have made?

Thanks everyone!

That’d be a fun exercise! Though, you couldn’t really model Rand except from the first book or two. If I can get an hour or so, I might try that out.

It occurs to me that you could get a fantastic game out of a number of Shakespeare plays. Playing Iago and Desdemona vying for control of Othello is good, but playing Macbeth and his Lady and determining just how badly things go is great fodder.

This might be of interest.