Prenetat Corum

Prenetat is a big man with a big heart but a strong sense heavenly justice. He believes that to live in the ways of his god, people must help themselves. He once watched a boy struggling in a river; calmly, he called for the boy to swim. When the boy could not fight the current, Prenetat shouted his command to swim. After five full minutes the young boy, exhausted, sank beneath the surface. Prenetat jumped into the water and pulled the gasping boy from the bottom. When told about the incident, Adar was deeply troubled to think of what Prenetat would have done had the boy not shown enough effort.


Interesting system Luke! When I set out I envisioned this paragon in a white surcoat, and even though I could have made that, I found the options thought provoking - almost encouraging me to choose the non-obvious. I’m not sure if I landed on the most agreeable character for a party, but I found the creation a fun process!