Preparing Thyself - My Map

The first time I’ve ever created a map for any game! I’ll probably use it for 20 years.

Basically, I just wanted an idea of where locations were in relation to each other. Just in case the adventurers cannot get back in town and we’ll know where the next closest places are. So it’s obviously not to scale.

I followed the rules in the book and added a couple places found in these forums - Fortified Keep and Slave Pits.

I also added the Tribal Village and Fishing Villages from The Wanderers pdf.

My plan is to allow the players to look at the map when selecting a hometown. They can choose anything written in red in addition to Nomadic Tribe, Gypsies, or the Distant Lands choice.

So I’m guessing almost everyone would be able to figure out what each of the places are, so which place would you pick for your hometown?

Ztaral Pits. Mos def.

Raven-ROCK-ville! throws horns, burns down something

All the names for these places I pulled from somewhere in my head. I assumed they were all original creations, that was until you picked Raven Rock and then it hit me, what I thought was a cool original name for a place in my world turns out to be taken from the skyrim game. I now wonder what other places may have been subconsciously stolen from other places?

Ok, actually one is not original and was named that way on purpose as a wink to Back to the Future movies, but everything else I thought was original.

I’ve updated my map and created this powerpoint to give the towns some personality. The players will be selecting their hometowns from information in this powerpoint. So which place would be your hometown?

Clearly Dragon Pass or any of the Port Towns, because instant Dragon bone fortress for my peoples, and because sailing.

Fantastic! Going to make this into a “Where’s your hometown?” personality quiz. :slight_smile: Will share when I’m done making it.