Prevail's Autumn Public Poll on Stretch Goals

Hello all, (same as posted on r/mouseguard)

The Autumn public poll on stretch goals is not open:

This poll allows everyone to place votes, whether followers or supporters, of what potential stretch goals I should focus on during this upcoming year.

I’ll discuss some of last year’s stretch goals completed or missed.

  • Sample mice and sample weasels: I made great progress but slowly; I did release peddlers & merchants, and I will still complete mouse bandits & brigands and weasel conscripts & and conspirators this month. It was delayed, but I did accomplish this stretch. It is listed again for more stretching this year; it will move faster this year than last; because the template and process is prepared and produces good outcomes for NPCs.
  • Alternative Rules: I made alternative rules for Recruitment, Conflicts, Weapons, and released a collection of additional Traits; I made great strides to produce superb content for game masters to introduce in the game.
  • Artwork: I changed the Conflict artwork to alternative rules, so I feel that was a better stretch than a pack of action cards with art. I completely missed the Conditions artwork; I intended to change that to alternative rules for a better stretch goal. I’ve run short of time to complete that.
  • Torchbearer Delves: I wanted to produce two modules for Torchbearer but I did not accomplish that stretch goal. It is listed again, but I will be continuing on the past stretch goal regardless of votes. I hope there is interest, but I’ve got work to do in pursuit of the earlier goal.

Everyone can vote! This means everyone. Whether you are following in general, or a subscribed supporter with any pledge level, or are seeing Prevail for the first time, everyone can place votes on the stretch goals they most want to see in content from Prevail. Also, everyone can comment on the content goals they would like to see or for suggestions of stretch goals not included.

Some content will be public-tier content. I do not have a determination at this time which items will be released as public content. I will make that determination as I post the results. It is likely only the sample mouse and sample weasel characters will be patron-exclusives while the other content will be released for public-tier downloads. That’s not a promise, just a foreshadow.

The poll will be open for a shorter period than past polls. Instead of a month-long open poll, this will be much shorter, so get your votes in right away!

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