Prevail's March newsletter posted

Hello all, there March newsletter for Prevail is posted. It is an announcement of the published content of the month and some discussion of upcoming content.

What’s Prevail, exactly? It’s not quite clear on a quick scan of the page.

Can you share some sample content here?

Thanks for the opening.

Simply, Prevail is my publishing studio. I write game master content for Mouse Guard, and will include content for Torchbearer in the future. It is content to build more richness of setting, story, and character.

I write sample character cards. The current library has animals. Next month’s sample characters will be livestock critters. In future I’ll have mice and mouse allies, then weasels and weasel allies. I’m still thinking about the template for those.

I write sample mission folios. The current library has four missions linked together as part of the Campaign for Barkstone Keep. I’ll be publishing a campaign folio for Campaign for Barkstone Keep in future, and next month’s mission folio will be about the Vernal Star bazaar (not linked to the forest keep).

I write character journals and topical posts. Those are both rather small libraries at the moment, but more will be written and published over time.

I’m writing and editing a new intro and new descriptive posts for the rewards and tiers. I’ll be working up a video intro also.

I am making plans for public sample content. I will make a seasonal package of content for followers or other audience from the public.

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