Pricing a few mannish items

There are a couple of mannish items that I either can’t locate, or they’re not in the BWG book.

Brace of Pistols - This is just cool (and useful, given pistol’s reloading time). I’m thinking 20 rps. Normally a pistol costs 15 rps, so 5 more seems reasonable. What you’re really getting is shortening the reload time to the time it takes you to draw a pistol.

Bombs - How much should some bombs cost? I am thinking of the Iron-Cased bombs described in the Weapons chapter. They are clearly a mannish weapon, but how many rps? They aren’t that powerful weapons in RnC, but once you get close… They should also be fairly rare. I’m thinking 10 rps for 4 bombs. Does that sound reasonable? Perhaps just 3 for 10 rps.

Pistols can fall under SQ arms.

Bombs, I dunno! That’s tough!

Roden are known for bomb use too! :slight_smile:

FWIW, bombs are 15 rps in Burning Sands, and also use the stats for iron-cased bombs.

Or I don’t know myself! Orc missiles. Page 242.

Huh, just 10 rps for enough bombs. Raise it to 12 for men perhaps? Orcs really should get it cheaper. Or was it intentional that men do not get these items? They are pretty much the only ones who have the skills to make them…