Primal bark obstacle?

In the MoBu p: 231, it says that you roll the Wolf’s skill vs the spirit’s strenght or named spirit’s will. But when used agains a non-spirit creature it doesn’t say what obstacle, it only says that it causes a steel test…any idea what to do in such a situation?


Yeah, I don’t have my book with me but its in the Steel section. roll v. Hesitation I think. Someone will come along and correct me if I’m wrong.

Don’t have my book here, but I suspect the wolf doesn’t roll any dice. The mortal target makes a regular Steel test versus fear. Maybe add an obstacle penalty for magic.

Page 231 (MoBu)
“If used against a creature of non-Spirit Nature, then the Primal Bark causes a Steel test to be taken. The wolf tests his Primal Bark skill and each success after the first is added to the victim’s Hesitation. Any animal forced to hesitate from this bark will break and “Run Screaming.”. Characters may choose their own fate as per the standard Steel test results.”

Hmmm sorry, i’m not sure if i get this. Against non-spirit creature it causes a steel test…thats fine but how do we go about advancement without an actual obstacle…is it Ob.1? or hesitation?

Page 361. “When testing Steel, the attribute acts like any other ability in the game. Steel tests are open-ended…Every success generated on a Steel test reduces the character’s hesitation by one–reducing the actual time spent hesitating.”

I believe tests without an obstacle are always treated as routine.

The wolf tests Primal Bark vs Ob 1, the target tests Steel vs their Hesitation plus the margin of success from the howl.

Alice the Wolf uses Primal Bark against Bob the Dwarf. She tests vs Ob 1 and gets 3 total successes.

Bob the Dwarf has a Steel of B7 and a Hesitation of 5. He needs to test his Steel vs Ob 7.

Not sure how to advance it beyond training and going after Spirit and Named Spirit creatures (non-spirit creatures only give an Ob1 test).

Steel has its own advancement depending on what causes the test. I’m sure weird magic is on the list somewhere.

Going after spirits is sort of the point, being a skill only available to spirit hunters and all.

Witnessing or being party to spirit activity = Ob5 Steel test.

Guys, Larkin Star is asking about advancing Primal Bark, not Steel.

And the answer is simple: you get better at barking at spirits by finding spirits to bark at. Barking at everyone else is a fringe benefit that doesn’t really teach you anything.

That’s the way I thought it was.

Also, chalk up any weirdness to these rules being very old (circa 2004) and lightly used, as best.

Ah, got it.