Print Your Own Fight! Cards

Fight cards. I love the cards in Torchbearer. I have seen a local printer who will print up playing cards for card games. A deck of 100 playing cards goes for 40 AUD or $25 USD. What mix of cards would you do up to get cards to play with? Given that players have 4 or at most 5 actions per exchange and they for example would not script more than 4 strikes. That kind of puts an upper limit on things. What other considerations would you entertain in setting the mix of the cards?

I highly recommend Print & Play Games for making custom card decks.

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I have done up some numbers of cards on the idea that no person would want to do the same action for more than 6 times in succession. This would mostly be a sorcerer casting a longer spell, someone reloading a crossbow or musket or a desperado attacking with a shiv in a prison exercise yard.
My goal is to get a set of cards that would serve a bang up fight between the players at a session and each of their opponents. The thing is that at most we would have one spell caster in the party and one opponent spell caster. Same we are unlikely to have many shooters in the mix. In the game so far we fights have been characterized by an exchange of readied pistol fire followed by drawing of swords and charging into swords and knives. only once has there been desperate reloading of pistols while the others held a foe at bay.
These considerations alter the mix of cards required. Maybe I need two decks of 100 that allow for shooting and spells and 4 decks of 100 that are more hand to hand with little consideration of spells.

What do you guys think?

Some charming soul has done up the cards better than I could hope to:

It still leaves the question of mix and quantities

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these are so good! Please bear with this extremely dumb question. When I click the link I end up at a google drive folder from which I cannot download the png files. I tap the images and nothing happens. What I am seeing looks like this:

What am I doing wrong? Or what do I need to do to save these onto a thumb drive and bring it to a printer? Or I guess i could copy the link to this site and have them figure it out?


@BornCanadian GDrive is showing you a preview of the .zip archive. You need to download the file and unzip it to see the images.

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