Printuck "Tuck" Sandpaw - Circus mouse

So this is my first post on this great forum. I’ve learned so much about MGRPG here!

Anway, I wanted to create a character who was definitely different from the rest, and after reading Patrick Rothfuss’ book “The Name of the Wind,” I created Tuck, the circus mouse.

Character Name: Printuck “Tuck” Sandpaw
Age: 20
Home: Port Sumac
Fur Color: Black
Rank: Guardmouse
Cloak: Orange (“To highlight the fire in his eyes.” Thistle Brint)

Parents: Til & Brossen Sandpaw (Brossen is the Leader of the Sandpaw Circus, a troupe of performance mice who make their living by performing around the territories to any crowd. Til is the cartographer in the family. On their travels, Til duteously marks their way on her maps, and is sure to pass on any relevant information about new trails, problem spots, or spotted dangers to the townsfolk or Guard members.)

Senior: Melvin Trupen (Cartographer)

Mentor: Thistle Brint (Scout)

Friend: Dory Tillens (A young mouse who met Tuck in Elmoss where his troupe preformed. She and he hit off their friendship fast and a crush formed between the two before his parent’s troupe pulled stakes and moved on to the next town. Now Tuck intends to serve in the Guard until he can raise enough money and fame to impress Dory’s parents and take her as a wife. They write letters to each other often.)

Enemy: Dom Tornbrow (Owner of the Wet Leaf Inn. Has an ill favor of the Sandpaw’s and their troupe. After a show his lawn was left with wagon-wheel ruts, his inn untidy, and some of his finer plates were broken, although paid for. But since then has it in for all traveling mice troupes.)

Nature: 5
Will: 3
Health: 5
Resources: 4
Circles: 5

Belief: If I can get in, I can get out.
Goal: ?
Instinct: Never shy away from something new.

Skills: Cartographer (3), Pathfinder (3), Orator (2), Scout (4), Survivalist (3), Weather Watcher (3)
Wises: Knot-Wise, Rope-Wise, Road-Wise, Transport-Wise, Troupe-Wise
Traits: Nimble (1), Longtail (1), Weather sense (2)
Gear: Well-Balanced knives (2), blank parchment, pen/ink, travel bag.

Tuck is from a family of traveling troupe mice. Though not all related, the troupe has bonds thicker than blood and all had a hand in his care.

On the road, Tuck soon learned of his skill with both his longtail (a trait inherited from his parents), and also his nimble feet which came in handy traversing the high-wire for his act.

Tuck is no slouch, packing in hard hours on the road with his family. He learned to tie knots of all sorts at a young age, speak clear in front of large crowds, and when to notice a shift in the weather that may mean a small turn out to a show or an all out “town-washer.”

Tuck is notoriously curious. More than once his explorations have got him in neck deep in high trouble, but have also turned out nice on some occasions too. Always though he moves on, counts his blessings, and looks for the next adventure around the bend. As he says it often, “If you never go, you’ll never know.”

Interesting concept Skydut. I like the idea of a traveling mouse circus. Maybe the ring master could be named Mr. Jingles.

A few questions for you: Was it your intention to make a character that has been advanced past the starting point? The reason I ask is that you seem to have 4 traits and 5 wises, where as a standard Guardmouse would have 2 traits, 2 wises. Was this a purposeful choice to capture the character concept from the book?

Well… I guess I didn’t know I had did that.

Like I said, I’m new to MG. Could you point me to that rule listed in the book? I really want to make a great player and play by the rules.

Thanks Crookedleg!

Not a problem!

The relevant sections in the book are ‘Where were you born?’ on pg 299 for your first trait from your hometown, and Mouse traits on pg 307 - 308, specifically the subsection ‘Choose a quality you were born with’. The other trait sections are limited to either Tenderpaws or Patrol Leaders/Captains.

On page 304 you can find the chart which indicates how many checks for wises each rank gets.

Hope this helps!