Problem with the Fires Over Omac files?

I’m planning on running FOO at Gamestorm (vancouver, wa) this month, but when I went to open the files I ran into some problems–certain character sheets (like the Warden) have big grey boxes covering up large parts of the sheet. The boxes printed out, as well.

I’m viewing the files on Evince Document viewer 2.22.22 on a machine running Ubuntu. Has anyone else had this problem?

It works fine with Adobe Reader in XP.

Just downloaded and opened the zip file and opened each file with Adobe Acrobat 9.1. All of the PDFs opened fine. Maybe a problem with compatability withEvince?

Probably a compatibility issue. Thanks for testing it out.

EDIT: That’s it. Works just fine in KPDF.

Arg! This is really frustrating. KPDF views it fine, but for the life of me I can’t get it to print it landscape. Even though it says “landscape”, it still prints it out all higgeldy-fucked. I haven’t had this problem with any other PDFs, either, so this is confusing me. Anyone else running ubuntu? Can you suggest a good PDF reader that’ll fix my problem?

Use xpdf, it renders things in the correct order. There’s something wrong with the Evince multi-layer pdf support. Not sure about printing since I never print from my laptop, but I know reading works.

For the record, I’m running Arch instead of Ubuntu, but I’ve had that issue with the rendering order getting all fuckidy-dee on multiple distros so it should work across the board.