I am looking for a procedural guide to Torchbearer. I know i have seen a link here or there with a step by step procedural guide to the phases, factoring tests (including all the mods), test resolution, etc. Please help.


See Torchbearer​ pages 182-186.

The back of the book has a Procedures section - pp. 182 - 186.

Edit: I see Thor got this covered.

Thanks Thor. I see how my request was unclear. I am looking more specifically for something that lists all the potential bonuses, penalties and factors for tests. A guide for GMs that reminds them of all the possible modifiers to a test: dim light, darkness, weapon bonuses and penalties, Condition modifiers to tests and Disposition, Might, etc.

I recall seeing something on the forums some time back, so if anyone has the link I would appreciate you sharing. If not, I will try to write up my own list. Thanks!

That’s a pretty good list right there. I don’t have the document that you’re referencing handy, but I would also add “evil GM factor”, too.

Yeah, I am always missing things like the optional -1s for Angry to tests that require concentration, or the -1 Disposition for Exhausted, etc. I just need to get it all in one page so I can have it in front of me during the game. Looks like I have a small project :slight_smile:

I should check to see if this stuff is on the GM Screen.

It’s not a guide, per se, but we have a little mnemonic for the most often forgotten factors:

Light, Might, Fight, Tight, and Blight

Light for dim light and darkness factors.

Might for the oft forgotten might advantage.

Fight and Tight for backpacks factor on Fighter and Dungeoneer to squeeze.

And Blight for the various modifiers from Conditions.

It has also become a policy to leave an ugly yellow die in the dice tray if the players have a might advantage – we turn the die to however many bonus successes they would get. Might is a cool rule but it is all too easy to forget, and it makes the difference between life and death!

Good tricks. I like it.

Maybe try the Google+ page if you can’t find it here on the Hacks forum, a lot of resources get posted on there - you may also get different responses there. This sheet exists, I’ve seen it before as well.