Props, tools and tokens

What neat stuff are people using to track the various points and counters in this game. I have some wooden tokens that I’ll be sticking labels on to use for the conflict rules (A,D,F,M), a bunch of roulette checks (basically blank poker chips) for checks and some skull shaped beads that I’ll be handing out for Disposition. Possibly using glass beads or similar for fate & persona.

I’m also thinking of using this:

for tracking time…


I think a small board could be put together just to track all these things. I wonder if Torchbearer could really be the best sort of dungeon crawl boardgame without any actual map on the table.

But, in the meantime, I use glass beads–large quarter-sized to represent a character in full light and small dime-sized to represent a character in dim light.

I use poker chips for Persona & Fate points (someone created some awesome round tokens for Mouse Guard which I glued onto plastic poker chips). And with all those polyhedral dice I never use anymore, I use d12 to track turns and d4 to track light sources.

For scripting conflicts I use some customized cards–as GM I play mine face-down, and then the players argue about which ones they’re going to play.

Someone in another thread suggested handing out cheap sunglasses to players whose characters are in dim light…

I wonder–I bet it wouldn’t be terribly hard to put together a “Torchbearer Kit” from a place like The Gamecrafter. Then again, part of the fun is certainly in finding your own supplies.

First session I presented the players with a box of 1 1/4" wood screws for conflict disposition. Wound up using poker chips, but I still giggle about it.

We’re using Mouseguard action cards for scripting and scratch paper for the grind. I haven’t seen any of the players make written notes about the sessions for the next start, which is kinda silly as we’re regularly going 3-4 weeks between sessions.

I use a d4 for the grind. I made cards for the conflicts. Everything else I just forget and say “Oh shoot” afterward :slight_smile:

I actually bought a piece of pine and some materials and made a box. As for pieces, I went to burning con and we met a guy who actually had used rummikub tiles. I will link a picture of everything here in a few.

One thing that helped me out a lot is that I printed out a bunch of business-card sized cards that had gear information on them so I could pass them out to players where they’d be easy to reference for bonuses and what not. Especially useful for weapons/armor. Before I made those up, we were all constantly forgetting about weapon bonuses & such in conflicts.

Here is the link to the thread showing my box and tiles. Groverbomb helped me with the tiles (sized and created by him), to tell you the truth i just printed them out and attached them to the tiles. cards do work really well, in fact when we played at the con that is what Sean(GM) used, but i like the feel of tiles, to me it helps add to the atmosphere.

Yeah, I have to say I did like Sean’s cards and look forward to the official ones in a major way, but sometimes cards can get lost in the shuffle with all of the other paper around. Tiles on the other hand are this hefty piece of something to sit in front of you and to me they are not as easily overlooked. Here are the links to our tile files on Drive, also shared on G+:

EDIT: Three Docs with Tiles, slightly resized from my previous post so they fit the Rummikub tiles better: