Psychic Duel against Unskilled

Hi folks,

So in tonight’s session our crime lord psychologist PC unloaded a can of psychological whup-ass on my NPC Forged Lord. My Forged lord is unskilled in psychology so he is to use Will with a double obstacle in the ensuing Psychic DoW.

1.) When both sides script Point in the same volley, do my unskilled characters full successes go through to the Psychologists BoA or do I do something odd, like cut them in half?

2.)For things like Avoid the Topic, vs Incite, Point, Rebuttal or Obfuscate, same question. Do all my successes count to reduce the other sides successes or do I halve them?

  1. Half.

  2. Avoid uses Will. Rebuttal and Obfuscate double the psychologist’s successes to generate the unskilled obstacle.

  3. Your Forged Lord needs a psychologist on his team pronto. Connections can protect against these depredations!

He needs his own psychologist… You ain’t just peddlin’ vacuum.

Given the answer to 1) I deduce that my question in 2) about Avoid vs the others I mentioned causes me to half my success (that subtract from his successes going through.)

Wow, that really is a can of whup-ass.

You only halve your successes when you’re using a stat in place of a skill. Avoid tests Will. It’s not in place of a skill.

So it does, my mistake. Thanks a bunch!