Psychic Duel Examples

What sorts of psychic duel statements of purpose have you seen in your games?

Have you seen it used to create sleeper agents? “If I win, you’ll fire on your captain when I say the word banana.”

Have you seen it used to make someone kill themselves? “If I win, you’ll shoot yourself in the head.”

Have you seen it used to cause someone to make decisions they’d never make otherwise? “If I win, you’ll leave your wife and children behind.”

Psychology seems really scary (as it should) and I’m wondering how far people have pushed it and what the results were.


Pretty much every time the Psychic Duel was used it was for major-fucking stakes: “And you’ll be my slave and do what I tell you because you love me!”

Though it’s possible for the victim to win or at least exact a price.

It is powerful and scary. I recommend Instincts like: “When that Bright Mark flares, so does my SCrEW.”

Exterminate all Mules,

Wow. Very cool. Good instinct, too. I can see running a simultaneous (in game-time) Close Combat with a Psychic Duel in cases like that.

Do you have any advice on setting good, strong counter-statements for Psychic Duels? Particularly in situations where it’s a skilled psychologist against a non-psychologist?

I understand the non-psychologist can leverage a connection or pervert the statement of purpose to some degree, but how would he really put the screws to the psychologist and make him sweat?

Say, in your example. I could say something like, “If I win, my love turns sour and my hatred for you knows no bounds, so I’ll change my belief to involve destroying everything you hold dear.” Correct?

But I couldn’t say something like, “If I win, YOU love ME.” 'Cause I’m not a psychologist.


might you say:

“If I win your attempt to fuck with my mind backfires and you love me instead.”

He would be failing and screwing himself up, you would just be the brick wall of a mind.

what about:

“If I win, I will recognize your Connection to a person if I assess them.”

as now you know “tells” that pyscologist might cause his minions to have when they are attached/connected to him.

No. Victims of psychological manipulation cannot use Psychology or anything that smacks of mind control. For the victim, it’s a standard DoW. Target Players may only offer stakes appropriate to a Duel of Wits – not to a Psychic Duel.


That’s, “victims cannot… unless they have Psychology and the Bright Mark or Mule traits”, right? I mean, you duel another Psychologist, you’d better practice your adoring, yet mindless gaze in case you lose.

Yes. In this case, both sides may take full advantage of the psychic duel.