Psychic Duel test

Okay, so, following his success with Iron vs. Tank, my friend Sean wanted to give Psychic Duels a go, with one Psychologist and one character who was not a Psychologist, but who was a cheating character. I just finished the cheater, and will now put him up here. Once Sean posts his Psycho (who he finished before me) we will rock out.

Character Name:
Christopher Firebrand

Lifepaths:Born to Rule, Coeptir, Companion, Courtier, Peddler, Mummer, Cotar, Adjutant Inquisitor, Inquisitor, High Inquisitor, Cotar Antises


Stats: Pe:6 Wi:6 Ag:3 Sp:2 Po:3 Fo:3

Attributes: Ste:7 MW:H9 Hesitation:4 Resources:9 Circles:4

Skills:Oratory 6, Doctorine 6, Ugly Truth 6, Psychology 6, Observation 6, Investigative Logic 6, Strategy 6, Command 5, Etiquette 3, Conspicous 3, Persuasion 3, Divination 3, Church Law 3, Interogation 3, Stentor-Wise 3, Astronomy 3, Seduction 3, Court Gossip-Wise 3, Torture 3, Heresy-wise 3, Demonology 3, Scheme-wise 3, Mundas Humanitae-wise 3, Inconspicous 3, Falsehood 3, Mummery 3, Begging 3, Mummery-wise 3, Suasion 3, Noble-wise 3, Close Combat 1

Gear: Palace home w/ lots of security and defense, a shuttle/yacht to cruise around in, tools for Torture, Interogation, and Divination, and some holy books

Affiliations:3D with Mundas Humantiae, 2D with Inquisiton (1D free), 1D with the Arch Antistes, 1D Keeper of the Fire of his church (his brother is Arcotare)

Repuations:3D as High Inquisitor and member of Arch Antistes

Relationships: Psychologist on other side, conflicted (free
Bodyguard and chauffer (2 points spent)

Traits:Human, Pious, Mark of Privledge, Your Lordship, Your Grace, Fop, Odd, Skeptical, Keeper of the Fire, Order of the Seeking Fire, Domineering Prescence, Word is Law, Rapier Wit, Tenacious

-The Church saved me from a fate worse than death, and I will never abandon my faith, no matter the cost.
-I am a blessed leader, and I will become Primarch, and no sacrifice is too great.
-The Cyreans are blasphemeres, and I will put their leader to the flame after extracting his confession.

-Always give them a chance to recant.
-Never address someone without knowing their proper title.
-Always change the subject if my past before the church is brought up.

Ok, this character is a psychologist in everything but name. (Except that he was a dirty mummer!) I’m not quite certain what you’re going for with this test, but I don’t think this 11 LP character vs a psychologist is going to be representative of what happens in the typical Burning Empires game.


Also, no Psychologist-wise? Shame!