Psychology skill?

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My player inteded something yesterday : after her fellow NPC had to watch his unit die, she wanted to apologies (convinced it was her fault) and create some sort of bond. My question is : is there a “psychology” skill to create that bond and connect with the NPC, make him feel in a safe space and relaese his mental pressure ? Or am I mistaken in the use of the BW engine in that particular case ?

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Depends on the task. So player’s intent is to make them feel better, and it sounds like the method is to make them accept and understand.

I would suggest starting with Persuasion or Suasion for that - a basic “convince them it wasn’t their fault”. But it doesn’t sound like the player doesn’t want to convince them of that, so I think the answer is Soothing Platitudes, talking about the Burden of Command, and how they died heroes or whatever.

There’s a lot of social skills in Burning Wheel - but there’s definitely not a more modern discipline like Psychology.


Sounds like Soothing Platitudes to me.

Psychology is a bit beyond the Medieval paradigm of Burning Wheel. (There is such a skill in Burning Empires!) If your setting is anachronistically advanced in terms of Psychology, you might devise such a skill.


That’s what I thought. We really love the variaty of social skills and approaches. Thanks a lot !

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