Psychology targets

Do the Bright Mark / Mule Psychologist’s powers (connections, locks, etc.) work on Vaylen? How about on aliens like Kernn?

(I assume they do since it doesn’t say otherwise, but just wanted to make sure.)


Psychologists are Vaylen detectors. You’ll see the the psychology skill listing that a Psychologist can use his powers to detect the presence of naiven inside a body (it’s an ob3 Psychology test).

They can use their any of their powers on any sentient being (this includes Kernn or anything you might make up with the alien lifeform burner).

Thanks! Yeah, I knew about the Ob3 ‘naiven within’ test, just wasn’t sure if the other powers would work on a naiven-controlled being.

Man, this game is cool…

What’s especially fun about detecting the worm within is that it is clearly a normal function of the skill. It is about understanding humans well enough to pick out when something has changed. So, if you programmed a machine with Psychology it could be a detector in that way.

“Good evening sir! I am your in flight simulated companion. Now, would you like to talk about your mother?”

The trick is to get the Psychologist to become so comfortable with a particular person, they never have a reason to read them…