PT vs overbearing

Can you use PT vs Overbearing in close combat? (Instead of using Power to resist.)

As written, it’s for non-combat athletics. However, at this point in BE development* I would not deny a player who has Physical Training those versus tests.

*No one ever takes/uses PT. I’d like to encourage its use.

And to add to Luke’s answer, you could always use it for helping or FoRKs, right?

  • Don

oooo, I thought of a cool idea. Burn a piece of tech that would give you a trait to allow you to use it in close combat - like some exoskeliton rig that channels your athletic talent into combative force or a “technique” someone teaches you that allows you to do this (our idea of what “technology” is can be pretty loose, though. :slight_smile:

I like that idea. Not that I don’t like just using PT directly, but having a bit of “tech” to do it takes the idea out of the grey area.


Help yes, but not a FoRK. You can’t use FoRKs with stats or attributes.

I had a GM FoN get totally screwed (ie. mortally wounded) in a close-quarters mini-firefight because the PC’s 2nd in command had Physical Training 2.

The ability to Advance where you want is pretty good.

Mostly I can see it being used as a FoRK, but not as a primary skill. It helps you get to the remote location, but the point is getting there unobserved.

Of course, maybe that just means I don’t have enough chase scenes.