Purchasing Spell Songs in Character Burning

Should an Elvish character be allowed to purchase Spell Songs in character burning with General Skill Points if the desired spell song is not listed in any of his lifepaths, or should the character be reworked to get the lifepaths necessary for the spell song?
(It seems like most spell songs are associated with their particular lifepaths). I would rule against the idea, but would like the official ruling.

Yes they can

So a Bard could pick up Ballad of Rage or Threne of the Chameleon even though they are associated with the Lord Protector and Rangers, respectively?


Wow, that changes a few misconceptions for me. Thanks!

Yep! You can get a miscellaneous skill outside of your lifepaths, but it’s not cheap! General skill points are rare, valuable resources.

Remember that natural magic skills including skill songs and spell songs cost 2 points, either specific or general, to open.

Yeah, at first read that seemed a little excessive but I always play test as is and let my questions arise aftera few trials. Once you see the difference exploding dice can make in play, you kinda wonder if you didn’t get off cheap.
Again, my thanks to all.