Q about lifepath requirements

Hi all,
Question about BE lifepath requirements specifically but I assume it applies to all BW system products. If a lifepath requires another lifepath, say “student”, does any lifepath with that title, even from another setting (same stock) fulfill the requirement? Thanks!


Awesome, thanks!

There are a few other rules to keep in mind here:

All Student lifepaths count for purposes of a Student requirement.

Student and Foundation Student aren’t the same. So a lifepath that requires Student such as Financier cannot use Foundation Student as a prerequisite. It does however accept the Student lifepath from Merchant League as well as Commune.

Lifepaths that accept either Student or Foundation Student as a prerequisite will be marked as such. Clerk in the Commune setting is a good example.

The prerequisite ‘Any Student’ is a blanket for any student-type lifepath. So Student, Foundation Student, or another lifepath that makes sense. This one tends to make more sense for things like ‘Any security-type lifepath’ requirements.

Son of a Gun is a Born lifepath even though it doesn’t explicitly say it.

Thanks for those. Looking at the lifepaths used to make my eyes cross but I’ve gotten much more used to them now. I spent some time diagramming the leads and exits for my own use but it’s given me a better understanding of how they all link together. I was actually able to put all of the Mukhadish settings/lps on a single page into a sensible flow-chart-like graph. The other stocks are a bit more difficult… :slight_smile: