Q on the Grind

This is a stupid little question, and I think I know the answer, but just looking for clarity. In the RAW of 2e, pg 41 of the Scholar’s Guide, the ordering of conditions states:

“If the character is fresh, or has no conditions, they mark the hungry and thirsty condition.
If already hungry and thirsty, they mark exhausted.
If already exhausted and hungry, they mark the angry condition.
If already angry, exhausted and hungry, they become sick…”

The triggers don’t seem to cover what happens if you have some conditions, but not hungry and thirsty. Let’s say I’m exhausted and angry, but not hungry when the Grind turns over. Do I become hungry and thirsty, or sick?

That is, should the first trigger really say “If the character is not hungry and thirsty, they mark the hungry and thirsty condition”?

Hungry is the first condition to be applied when the grind hits.

On the GM screen it says it best under Earning Conditions:

“Start with Hungry & Thirsty. If a condition is already checked, move to the next until you find one that character doesn’t have.”

Starting with hungry is also mentioned on SG, p. 56

“Hungry and thirsty is the most common condition. Adventurers are threatened with it every four turns when they’re out in the shit.”


Perfect, that’s what I figured, thank you.

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