Question about Advancement

I was reading through the rules on Advancement, and I feel fairly comfortable with the idea, but I am a little confused with what happens if you somehow get more failures than passes.

For example, if my character has only 1 rank in Fighter. If I make a Fighter test and fail, I’ve gone over the number of failures I need to advance. Am I locked out of advancing in that skill forever? Can I overcome it if I get one pass, or do I need more passes than failures to advance?

Thank you!! Can’t wait to play!

You just need a minimum number of passes and failures to advance. You’re allowed to go over on both or either.

Be sure to post when you get to play!

Also, when reading the text it helped me to assume that it means exactly what it says and no more. For example, if you could be locked out of advancing a skill by getting too many failures, assume Luke would write those words in the advancement section. Same with needing a ratio of failures to successes. With that assumption in mind, Page 227 becomes pretty clear.

Thank you! I’m generably terrible with game mechanics, so I have dumb questions sometimes. :slight_smile:

I’ll have 5 players in my game so far, I’m way excited!

Many of us do sometimes but mostly they aren’t that stupid and sometime stuff need to be clarified and you never know how many ‘‘lurkers’’ you help with your question.

So, go ahead and ask. We won’t think your questions are silly and many more might be helped without anyone noticing.