Question about bleeding wounds

The example in the rulebook isn’t entirely clear to what happens to a wound that bleeds to the next severity. Does it just get converted to the next more severe wound or does it stay and just spawn a new more severe wound.

A concrete example:

Alric the Peasant suffers a Severe wound and his careless comrades let it bleed all the way through Traumatic to Mortal.
Does Alric now have:
a) A bleeding Mortal wound?
b) Stable Severe wound, stable Traumatic wound and a bleeding Mortal wound?
c) Some other configuration of wounds?

P.S. For me this uncertainty was spawned in this RPG-Stackexchange question.

It upgrades, one wound, just more serious.

Edit: OK, I read that thread. A MW technically doesn’t have stat penalties, because you can’t act if you’re dead. When treating it, you basically reduce the wound one level each round (this is special for MW, a severe that bleeds to traumatic is just that one wound).

For the living death, you don’t kill via hacking them apart. The Death Artist test itself is the murder, the failure consequence being turning them into a regular old corpse. The wounds, if any, would be from some other source.

Well the thread is just a little bit of context to why I am unsure to how bleeding wounds work. Normally I would have no doubt, that in my example above the option a) happens. Nevertheless, cool that you cleared up my misunderstanding of the Death of Spirit rules.

Up to Traumatic, it’s still a single wound for all purposes. It’s the healing from Mortal that requires multiple recovery tests. It’s still just one wound, but it’s being downgraded, if that makes sense. You don’t cumulatively have all the lower levels.