Question about Class Traits

Under “Current Nature Taxed to 0” (DH p68), it states, “If your current Nature rating drops to 0 due to tax, one non-class trait if your choice is immediately changed…” Although under “Class Traits” (DH p81), the example with Vantas mentions them changing their class trait due to their nature dropping to 0/4. Can class traits change due to Nature dropping to 0, or no?

It is a good catch. I’m always of the opinion that all traits are at risk of modification during play. The example text in italics is less authoritative than the rules text in regular. So, I think the proper reading of the rules remains that class traits are not subject to risk in the case of Nature being taxed to 0.

On the other hand, the example in italics shows how creatively a modification can alter the character, so perhaps it calls on the rules text on pg 70 under Special Nature Rules subheading encouraging players to explore and experiment with Nature. So, it might be fair to risk modifying the class trait in a creative way without totally replacing it.

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What I’ve found with BW products (and they make fun of this in the obstacle examples in the skill list) they have rules that need to be more strictly followed for the system to work as intended, and then they have all they have all these gray areas where they leave it for you to make your own interpretation. I can’t remember what it was, but I recall that Luke and Thor even have one rule they play differently.

Also, the “non-class” trait rule is a new rule in 2e, so they example may have been from a 1e or in the works 2e playtest.

I would stick with the “non-class trait” rule for the nature. As found on page 81 the trait is allowed to change (usually respite or near-death), but if is altered too much, the character retires.

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