Question about cloaks

Just a debate I’m having over what materials the cloaks would be made from? Fur of small animals? Some sort of leather? Often cloaks are wool but where would mice have access to wool? So plant fibers maybe similar to cotton? Maybe getting too specific but just curious. This MAY be because my group has interest in moving towards a LARP.

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We play Torchbearer now, but when we were playing Mouseguard, we basically played it where, if it would available to humans, it was available to mice. Even wool, leather, fur, whatever. We just figured the mice would come up with an equivalent. (Fur from bats, leather from lizards, even some type of wool from hares or rabbits?)

The insectrist skill has factors for silkworms and spiders, which could provide silk, and the comics show at least some mice wearing fur cloaks. I imagine some kind of plant fibres would also play a role.

I’d just handwave it. Nothing about MG really makes sense – primarily, any forge hot enough to make swords would instantly cook a mouse, considering how close they’d have to get with their stubby little forelimbs.

But, mice with swords (and cloaks etc.) are fun, so just go with that.

Slaps forehead Or you could look up the weaver skill: “Weavers can take fur from hunters, fibers from harvesters or silk from insectrists.”

In addition, if someone drops the Black Axe in your lap and you need to do that masked avenger thing, leaves are considered perfectly acceptable mouse wear. That, or Lieam has just a twisted fashion sense.

I have described mice who harvest the shed winter coats of wolves and call it wolf wool–not totally unlike folks that use dog, cat, and rabbit hair.

I’ve also described frog-skin leather for mail bags; those are tight against wetness.