Question about conditions...

I’m totally new to burning wheel just reading the mouseguard rulebook. Does burning wheel have more conditions that you could add to a character besides tired, injured, and sick? Are they worth adding in?

Do GMs and Players go to great lengths to roleplay out these things to make them interesting with side effects? The one thing I don’t want to do is hand out injury cards without some sort of detail to the injury and a possible effect besides the dice hit.

What do other GMs do?

There are only the five conditions as described in the rules. We find they neatly cover the effects of the hazards the Guard encounter.

And I am careful to always describe the reason why a mouse earns a condition. It is a roleplaying game after all. It’s no fun unless you providing vivid descriptions.

Thanks for the reply.

I guess what I mean to say is if we decided “you have a nasty cut to your off hand paw” can you then make up an effect like, I can’t hold something in that hand? Maybe even award a test for it?

Also I was curious why something like angry is in the conditions but something like despair or other mental states (or emotions) are not?

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Mouse Guard don’t despair.

And you can make up effects for conditions, but just don’t start subtracting dice, handing out artha or awarding checks for those descriptions. The game balance takes all of that into account.

I didn’t like that either. Change the name of the Condition - from ‘Angry’ to ‘Upset’.

“Upset” is broader than “Angry” and thus facilitates a wider range of possible emotional states.

Shhh…sometimes I roleplay like I’m upset when I should be angry. But no one seems to catch me at it.

Clearly your mouse needs to turn in his cloak.


We often let Angry symbolize other ‘‘unbalanced feelings’’ often frustration but maybe also very sad and other feelings.