Question about Dreamwalker in Scavenger's Supplement

I’m trying to figure out how the Dreamwalker’s Level 2 benefit ‘Dreaming Recall’ works. I get how recalling the dreams of others is fun and interesting, but I’m not sure what “allowing you to make a test previously taken by the dreamer” would look like. Do you get to roll the dice that the dreamer has in that skill instead of your own when you want to make that test later on? Or is it just a way to advance a skill without dealing with the negative consequences of failure?

This would be my interpretation.


Basically, it allows you to use Remembering Nature to make a test for a skill that one of your compatriots has.


Ah, that makes a bunch of sense. Thank you!


Oh wow, I had the guy flinging out whatever spells our magician had historically cast!

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