Question about Factors

When using factors, does everything have to be taken into account? Or do you only worry about what matters to the roll?

For instance, with Resources there’s factors for commonality (common, uncommon, rare), quality (cheap, well-made/complicated, luxury), quanitity (more than one, a lot), and visual appeal (plain, pretty beautiful).

Do you have to factor everything? Or do you choose what’s important? Like if you want more than one of something that’s common (but the quality/visual appeal doesn’t matter).

We figured it made more sense to pick the factors that mattered (otherwise that’s a minimum Ob 4 Resource test).

Was the the correct interpretation? And is that the case for factors in general?

Page 231, Gwendolyn: “When a skill is called for a test, the GM should consult the description… He chooses which categories are applicable to the situation.”