Question about making new stocks

hi guys. i’m putting together a campaign and my players want to make a kobold and a myconid. for the kobold, i used the roden stock as a base, removed the traits that didn’t fit and replaced them with more koboldy traits.

my question is this: if kobolds are known for their greed, would it make sense to give them their own version of dwarven greed? and if this kobold is going to be an artificer, basically using blacksmithing, enchanting, alchemy, and sorcery, would greed be too overpowered to allow in addition to these sorcerous skills? thanks for your time! <3

There’s a Kobold class I created for Torchbearer (to be released in the near future by Mordite Press)—you might be able to pillage some stuff from there. Also: Myconids from Forces of Nature—also for Torchbearer, but it’s super-specific.

Burning Wheel stocks are DIFFICULT to create. I tried to make Halfling lifepaths and my brain exploded, even cribbing from the excellent field Roden lifepaths.

“This post was not helpful. 2/10.”

Do you want Kobalds to be known for their greed, or for greed to be their all consuming passion that will destroy them, unless they die first?

ok. this makes sense. thanks for the help guys!

We have a Halfling in the game @Mark_Watson is running at the moment. Their traits and LPs are almost entirely lifted from Field Roden.

To be fair, I tend to only do minor hacks or rebranding with BWG.

You can see that Halfling discussion here, and it’s all just rebranding, really.

re: @bigpants’s query about Greed + Enchaning + Sorcery, I really it I think it depends what your aim is.

Yes, such a combination could end up being really powerful.

The real question, though, is does that matter, and does it fit with what you want in your game?

At first glance, it would seem to allow for very potent items to be crafted. However, all of those skills are contained in one small Kobold-shaped package.

As such, they are likely to start off with (relatively) low skill exponents for that sort of activity / missing some of the necessary skills to achieve Full Greatness.

@Countercheck’s point about how they’re greedy is definitely key on that side.

Emotional Attributes (Greed, Grief, Faith, etc.) are all marvellous, but can really drive character arcs (and arcs for the Stocks as a whole).

Whether you need / want that for a new Stock is worth considering.

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