Question about relics and inventory slots

Hi, been preparing to play torchbearer and my theurge player raised some questions.

Breath of the burning lords has as it’s relic a silver censer with a burning coal (carried 1). Is the intent that the character has to schlep that thing around all the time in their hand? Or could they pack it away and bring it out when they need it. Likewise many relics are listed as pack 1, but maybe need to be in hand when actually used?


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Hey Matthew,

Before I give you my answer, how would you rule it? What makes sense to you in the fiction of the world?


Welll, we imagined that the censer would be packed away and then brought out and lit to start the ritual, the breath of the burning lords flowing literally from the censer - you’d need to hold it and keep it burning so long as the ritual lasts.

Makes sense to me! The specific rule you’re looking for is on page 84 of the Dungeoneer’s Handbook in the Inventory chapter.

I’d have no problem with the player snuffing the coal and putting the censer in their pack. But it’s fragile and as the GM I would certainly keep that in mind for a twist.

Also, taking it out of the pack and igniting the coal is going to take a little while. You’re not going to be able to dig it out and perform the invocation in a hurry, like in the middle of a fight with ghouls. It would need to be in your hands and lit when the conflict starts.

As for relics in your packs: Yeah, you have to dig them out and put them in your hands/wear them/etc. to make use of them. As with the censer, hurriedly digging them out in an emergency could be an issue.


Thanks, that all makes sense. I’ve been thinking about it from a twist perspective all morning. It’d be a shame if your water jug leaked on your dry coal! Thanks for making such an intriguing game. My two teenage sons and I are getting ready for our first session and I can’t wait to see how all the different parts interact.


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