Question about Resources & Recovery/Replenishment of such

More questions/comments:

  1. During initial character burning it states that you may purchase tech that is in line for your character such as armor and weapons for 1 RP each. Is that RP spenditure a temporary or permanent cost from your resources stat?

  2. Reading pages 368-369 recovering resources, the obstacle is set as 1 plus the number of dice lost could potentially be a problem. For exampe, if you have double digit resources and buy say a hammer cruiser and you only have an exponent 3 skill for replenishment your NEVER going to be able to replenish your resources. Your done. I would say that the player should be able to decide how many resources he wishes to replace and set the obstacle accordingly. That way, you can always at least replenish a portion of your resources.

  3. It seems strange to me that the amount of time working at a job has no effect on your resource replenishment. You would think that for every so many months you would get a positive die modifier or something. I dunno, maybe +1D to resource roll for every 3 months working after the first 3 months or something along those lines.

  1. It’s not a cost at all, per se; your Resources ability is created from the remainder of what you didn’t spend. If you spend 8/9 of your RPs points on stuff, your Resources ability will be 1D. It’s not taxed, just at one die. You can’t “recover” those other dice, since they never existed.

  2. I think you’re basing this question on having lost dice at chargen, which you didn’t, so I think this isn’t an issue. Most of the time, you’re going to be looking at an Ob 2 or Ob 3 test. Only for a botched Challenging test (or several botched tests of a lesser degree) would you have anything much higher.

  1. If you ever get more than three months downtime, I’ll be severely impressed. :smiley:

Oh, brag time:

Last maneuver, my guys had a Go to Ground; humans had Assess (dispo). They completely botched their Assess but I rolled, like, 4x 6es, which of course I opened up with a Fate. I just got done spending a YEAR of downtime on my guys, which actually isn’t as impressive as it sounds. I think each guy got about three additional +1 skill ranks, and the “challenging” test squared away for most of the rest of their skills.


Um…ok. Then why would anyone spend RP’s during char burning since it waffles your resources stat? I really don’t like the permanent loss aspect when you can obtain the same item later in play without permanent resource loss.

On another but related note:

I think a possible munchkinism is ‘funds’. Why couldn’t each player give another player a fund repeatedly and replenish it. Character A & character B swap funds and replenish and then repeat the process. You could continue this process indefinitely and ultimately probably never fail a resource test. May I suggest a max limit of fund giving equal to your resource stat?

WTG Paul! I’m sure your PC’s are glad you spent the xp on downtime rather than waffling them in combat!! :slight_smile:

This being our first campaign, every single character got built not-quite-optimized for either the Maneuvers or for effectiveness inside scenes. It’s been a struggle for any particular character to get anything done. This was my first chance to get my guys trained up where they need to be to start winning maneuvers. This Go to Ground was my first won roll; I’ve been getting my butt kicked otherwise.

Re spending RP vs keeping the Resources stat: RPs are incredibly cheap compared to the resources tests to buy things. The RP for a military-grade vehicle is 2; the resources test for the same thing might be 6 or 7. It’s a tradeoff, that’s for sure. One of my players bought up a cache of hard-to-get arms in preparation of a big military push and it was waaaay cheaper to do it that way than to buy them in-game; another didn’t spend any RPs and ended up with an exponent of 9, which he’s now loaning left and right. Spending RPs before play also frees up future color and build scenes so you don’t have to go get tools you should have started with.

The funds exploit isn’t as bad as it looks: While they’re fooling around passing funds back and forth to each other, they’re not making other building rolls. Unless they have big plans to buy insane stuff at some point, it’s all just dick-waving.


Because stuff is cheaper at burn time than in play (especially vehicles, weapons, etc), and you won’t need to introduce it via the regular Tech burner mechanics.

Generally, though, you should only buy the stuff you absolutely need, as Luke says on page 111. Maxing out your equipment list is a great way to let your GM know exactly how to blindside you.

Also, I think you’re focusing way too much on your character’s stuff. Focus on your character, and if he needs stuff for a situation, bring it in. What’s more important, the iron or the man who wears it?

Point(s) taken.

Your superior intellect is no match for my inferior weapons!

Besides, I’m not the player that wanted the giant grav chicken!!


Dude…totally let him have the giant grav chicken. 2RP, done and done.


Yeah. Then hull it.

Well if it’s biological in nature then it could be hulled, otherwise if it’s a vehicle or construct then no. I think it would probably end up being more towards an assault sled in stats, kinda like a float with a few special enhancements. The egg bombs could be an interesting artillery option…nothing like truly humiliating the vaylen by defeating them with giant grav chickens! You almost have to feel sorry for the creature having to make that report back to his superiors.

“Lord Pilot Finir, I’ve been informed of our loss of the Trantis system. What disturbs me more however is that our establishments were wiped out by giant chickens…can you please explain to me how that is possible!”…

To keep it on the more serious side, you could come up with some seriously badass bit of military hardware and give it an acronym like CHKN or something.


I had all sorts of things I wanted to type but we’re veering way off topic so I’d just rather close this out for now.