Question about spending multiple actions on one action.

Hello, i cant figure it up. Is it possible to spend 2(or more) actions on one volley on one scripted action? Like I have 6 reflexes : v1Strike-Strike-v2charge-charge and so on.

A player of mine is always trying to shoot and then use multiple actions for “reload” before his next shot. Is this legal?

It is absolutely possible to repeat an action withing an exchange. For reloading, it is essential. For other actions, like strike, then it is often a good idea.

Your example may be an exception: I’m not sure about charge: I think there may be a requirement for it to be the first action in a volley.

Spending multiple actions to achieve one effect (reloading) is done. You often can’t make an action more effective by spending more time doing it, outside of spells (and a great strike)
You cannot have more consecutive Strike actions than your Weapon Speed.

If an action requires more than one “actions” to complete, they must be consecutive. Reloading a bow, taking social actions, and spellcasting all require more than one action.

If an action relies on a previous action (Set, Great Strike) then they must be consecutive.

Actions also need to be evenly distributed. So with B6 Reflexes that means 2 actions per volley, no more, no less.

Yeah , now i get it. Thanks.

I have a question that’s relevent to this thread so I thought I’d tack it on here rather than create a whole new thread.

Basically I’m a bit confused about how it works when something requires more actions that you can do per exchange. The rules for two action things are pretty straightforward like great strike but what about nocking and drawing a great bow or reloading a crossbow?!

Even if I have B9 reflexes I can only do 9 actions per exchange right? Say I wanted to reload my crossbow would I just script that for every one of my 9 actions across three volley? And then between each exchange we’d vie for postiining again - then I’d have to repeat this process for another 2 and a half exchanges?

Is that how it works?

I haven’t checked the math but it sounds right. Except for the part where they stick a knife in your neck while your trying to reload.

Hah yeah it’s obviously not going to end well!!

Does hesitation work the same way? Like if I hesitate during the second volley do my (let’s say 4) hesitating actions carry over to the next exchange? Can I vie for positioning whilst hesitating?

IIRC, you either automatically cede advantage to the opponent while hesitating, unless you Run Screaming, in which case you must test for a Disengage.

If you need to reload a crossbow in the middle of a melee Fight! (And taking the combat into Range and Cover isn’t an option), your best bet is probably to disengage and then use the Eye of the Storm rules on page 457.

If you’re using a crossbow in Fight you’re probably going to fire it, drop it, and pull out some other weapon that won’t get you killed. At the very least you’ll just start bludgeoning with it. Reloading with a blade bearing down on you is suicidal.

And yes, if your hesitation lasts past the end of the exchange then you keep hesitating in the next exchange. This is extremely dangerous, because your opponent then knows exactly what you’re doing for the next action, maybe longer. That’s when scripts like Strike, Strike, Strike come out and ruin your day. And this is why Stand and Drool may be acceptable early in the exchange but Run Screaming becomes more attractive towards thee end.