Question about the example of Lieam vs the Snake


Recently I have discovered Mouse Guard and I was immediately hooked on Mouse Guard. So of course I had to learn the RPG. But after reading the example of Lieam vs the Snake on page 109 I got a question. In the example says that Lieam gets ten dice but doesn’t he gets eleven dice?

+2D of Lieam’s former action maneuver, gain position.
+4D nature because he spents a persona point
+3D fighter
+1D trait, determined
+1D of his sword

That combined it forms eleven. So what do I wrong here?

I assume this has discussed before but I couldn’t find it.

maybe so, but the important element of this is the example showing how Leiam was able to win by pulling in additional dice. It is essential for players to look for ways to draw upon bonus dice. Engaging in the role play of the game helps them engage in their character.

Also, when facing such terrifying odds as the snake, there is not a carefully balanced mechanic like exists in say, D&D 4e. If the characters come face-to-face with dangerous predators, they need to run, or be willing to possibly sacrifice themselves to stand and fight. This is contrtary to the mindset of some other games in the fantasy genre and therefore in the mindset of some players. When introducing new players, they may believe that everything the PC faces is meant to be defeated–that the PC is the ultimate winner in every confrontation.

Leiam in the example risked much to fulfill his belief and goal. He might have died in the confrontation. Although not everything in MG is such a large risk, players should be prepared to lose in some cases. If nothign else, they ought to be prepared to compromise in nearly every conflict.