Question about the wizard stock

So I’ve been looking at the codex, and came upon the wizard character stock. I’m a bit confused about it. It seems to indicate that I can supplement other stocks with wizard lifepaths. is that the case? can I make a wolf wizard, because apt pupil applies to the outcast subsetting? or does it only apply to certain races? or maybe I’m totally wrong, and the wizard is its own, independent stock?

There’s no Wizard stock. In Burning Wheel, stocks are what many other games erroneously call ‘races.’ Stocks are: human, elf, dwarf, orc, roden, great wolf, troll, etc.

The Lifepaths in the Wizard Burner section are part of the human stock (the only exception is the Servant of the Dark Blood Setting, which is part of the orc stock). Some, like those in the Peasant Setting, Village Setting, etc., are additions to existing human stock settings. The College of Magic Subsetting and Death Cult Setting are new human stock settings.


Note that while you can’t make a wolf wizard, you can make a wolf spirit binder by taking the Fell Ancient lifepath.

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Thanks for the clarification!

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