Question about Vaylen Cult Leader (Split from "Scope of Circles for Vaylen Chars")

RISE (to be hulled)!!!

Then again, why Cult Leader, from the Vaylen Setting, gives me Dreguthai as a LP Trait? (Also, maybe there is an errata in the Restrictions there?) Or Metropolitan?

If I cannot Circle human characters, why give me Affiliations and Reputations I cannot use?

(PS: I’m in a BE game in wich we the players play in the Human side, but my character is a Vaylen; obviously, he is a traitor to his kind, because he wants to live in a human utopy, not a worm-corrupted human world. He wants to be human.)

I split this off since it’s a somewhat different question (and that thread is a year and a half old). For the original context, look here: Scope of Circles for Vaylen Characters

There’s two things to keep in mind here:

  1. Reputations and Affiliations aren’t tied to a single setting, so a Dregus from the Theocracy setting can use their +1D affiliation and +1D reputation from Dregutai with people in other settings that they passed through (if appropriate).
  2. The Vaylen setting is weird. In my mind all lifepaths in the Vaylen setting occupy two settings: Vaylen (since it’s the Outcast setting for wormy folk), and conditional membership in the Human setting that the lifepath implies membership with.

An example on the second point: Captain and Commander are the Vaylen “pretending to be a Hammer/Anvil Lord” lifepaths. I would allow a Vaylen Commander to circle up someone who an Anvil Lord would know in their professional life (other Anvil Lords, their subordinate Executive Officers, etc). I wouldn’t allow them to circle up a Justicar who had served in the military. This is a bit of a drift from the hard-line rules interpretation which bans characters from using their circles when finding people outside of their lifepath settings. Scope of the Circles (page 346) allows for some leeway and interpretation, which I take in order to keep from hamstringing characters.

All that said, Gooderguy (and my) suggestions from the earlier thread are the main ways the opposition (Vaylen or Human) get their stuff, though that doesn’t apply exactly to your situation.

Thank you very much and sorry for the necrothreading.

That’s what sounded right for me. So, hell yeah, I’m not useless at Circling up people after all! (Consider my Circles’ exponent: 6.) It may change the plans of the GM a bit, but, whatever, :).

You really should be bringing in other Vaylen. Circling humans to hull is bad form.

We’re playing tomorrow in the afternoon; luckily, we ended up realizing that enforcing the hard firewall on his character created a much more interesting situation for him and everyone involved, one tuned in perfectly with the character concept and beliefs. This particular worm is all about fitting in with the humans and staying the only vaylen in this world he claimed as personal paradise; so the fact that he can’t circle humans up as it is; that he needs to work hard to gain afiliations and reputations in human society, is just gold. And what’s better: he still can go back to using the secret codes and handshakes to circle vaylen to trace and hunt, a high stakes spy game that is giving me goosebumps from anticipation; or give in to his nature (moldbreaker anyone?) and join them for sheer heavy drama… Just awesome. I can’t go to bed from the excitement for tomorrow’s game :slight_smile: