Question about Veterancy Troop Types

Nothing to see here. It’s been answered elsewhere.

What answer did you receive?

It seems odd to erase the record of the question here…

Actually, someone else gave me an answer; not on a forum anywhere. I could ask here again I suppose.

Nah, I got that. But what was that answer?

The answer was, yes, probably a typo making knights less veteran than squires. The second answer was “don’t worry about it” about sergeants being considered mounted infantry the same as squires even though their life path doesn’t have Riding in it.

For reference, I’m pretty sure this is the question Luke answered on the Discord.


  • Why, when you form a unit, do knights start Untrained and squires start Trained, when squire is a pre-req for knight in the LPs? Is this a typo?

  • It seems strange that squires and sergeants can both form mounted units when the sergeant LP doesn’t give any riding skills. Wouldn’t sergeants be at a disadvantage?

Luke: Oh that is definitely something myself and the editors missed

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