Question about wounds


A quick question on Wounds to the left of Superficial… Per the book, page 487, these are bruises and scrapes and do not affect the performance of the character.

What happens if I have a character with PTGS of Superficial=B3, and he’s in a fistfight with an enemy who does B2 Incidental damage with his bare fist. As it is to the left of Superficial, I mark it as a B2 wound, but nothing happens. No penalties to the character. Does this damage accumulate and spill into Superficial at some point?

i.e. if enemy hits the PC 3 times with a B2 wound in this case, there is still no effect on the PC, right?

What if he’s hit for the fourth time with a B2 wound, do I now mark it on the B3 Superficial column (because I ran out of space on the B2 section of the PTGS)? Or does nothing ever happen (i.e. if the enemy expects to deal some real damage, he has to score a mark or superb wound, equal to the B3 Superficial PTGS of the character?)

I realize this is likely an outlier case, but there’s gotta be some characters there with really tough PTGS and/or some NPC’s with low Power stats…


From what I gather about Fight! It can go one of two ways. It can be really brutal and deadly (the common issue), or it can be one sided (uncommon. Dragons don’t even really feel Black shade injuries, no matter how many they have, because Black injuries are to the left of their superficial wound).

Based on the second case, I’d guess that anything to the left of superficial is null. Consider them to be pansy punches, things that may hurt but don’t do much actual damage. Like a slap to the face (unless it was a God Smack slap…), it stings, but is kinda meh.

Point of order: the dragon in the monster burner has a B10 superficial, so anything from B10-16 will still hurt it a little. Of course, if you want to do anything more than a supie, you’re going to need to do grey damage.

Indeed. I was trying to make a point about wounds left of superficial, and the dragon was off the top of my head. The point is still there, but thanks for the correction. Yes, dragons can feel Black shade wounds. But only just…

Nothing ever happens. A wound to the left of Superficial is not marked, so it cannot ever round up to superficial.

You don’t mark wounds left of superficial at all. Actually, you don’t really need to mark the specific level of a wound. The PTGS just lets you convert a shade and a number into a type of wound. Once you have the type the numbering doesn’t matter anymore. A light wound is a light wound whether it’s B5 or B10… although the guy taking Li from B10 is a scary dude.

PCs with B10 Light Wounds make up most of the Burning THAC0 group! Long-term campaigns in BW become serious biz.

Thanks, guys!