Question: Factors and Verses Tests

How do Factors interact with a Verses Test?

Let’s say I’m wearing a backpack and I’m suffering the Exhausted Condition.

I’m in a fight, I script Attack, the Kobolds script Defend. Verses test. How do I proceed? How do the two factors affect the Verses Test?

It increases the Ob by +1, if I recall correctly. Basically, treat your opponents roll a +1 higher.

Edit: Actually, count them as -1s instead.

I got this exact question on G+ just yesterday. It probably could stand to be clearer in the book.

A factor is functionally equivalent to -1s. If you’re in a versus test and roll three successes, but you’re wearing a backpack and exhausted, you would effectively have 1 success. (3 -1 for backpack -1 for exhausted = 1)

Aha! So Factors act as a +1s to the opponent in Verses tests.

Kind of. I think it’s safer to describe them as -1s to your roll because +1s applies only to tied or successful rolls, while -1s applies to all rolls.

Say you are in a Kill conflict against someone with Might 3 while you’re wearing a backpack and have the exhausted condition. You Attack and they Defend. You roll 3 successes, they roll zero successes. Because of your factors, you would inflict 1 point of damage to their disposition.

Yeah, I agree it makes more sense to count them as -1s rather than increased Obs. Less wonkier math in the end.

Something related I’ve been wanting to ask: is it true that you should apply the -1s before you apply any +1s if you have both things going on in the same roll? If the -1s means you don’t meet the obstacle, then you don’t get your +1s, right?

Can’t remember if I saw this in the book or if I’m just crazy.

+1s usually is applied to a tie or success.