Question & Link

I very much enjoyed watching this. Nothing new to those of us who have given encumbrance some thought over the years, but useful reinforcement of what a drag it would be travelling with too much stuff.

On to my questions.

I wonder whether there should be room on a belt for two weapons, one small and one large. So, I’m thinking here of sword and dagger or something similar. It was done and wouldn’t seem to unbalance the game. Thoughts?

Also, perhaps small shields might be worn on the torso (maybe not as effective in defence as larger shields) but less encumbering; and perhaps there should be a buckler in TB. The buckler could be belt worn (like the second/smaller weapon) and used with a sword, similarly carried on the belt. Thoughts?

Buckler is coming up in WOE (it’s exactly how you describe, a +1D Defend weapon you can carry on your belt, doesn’t cause fatigue). A new benefit gives one of the WOE character classes an extra belt slot.

Sound great, Jared and thanks for the reply… erm, I’m quite new around here and to the wonderful world of BW and Tb… what is WOE going to be and where can I find out more about it?

Wanderers, Outcasts & Exiles: 14 expert-level character classes for Torchbearer, levels 1-10. Waiting on artwork right now! More details as I get closer to the launch date.

Oh very cool! I shall look forward to that. Thanks.

Can’t wait.