Question regarding a failed She's Magnificent test playing The Sword

I’m running The Sword for two groups on G+ and on one of them one of the players asked me a very interesting question regarding Greed. I had him make the She’s Magnificent test which he failed. I then told him how he could either Stand and Drool or invoke the I Must Have It! rule. That in turn got us into a discussion regarding what actual significance a failed She’s Magnificent test is. I’d love to hear some ideas from more experienced players.

I’ve included the link to the discussion below. It starts out about 10 posts from the bottom.

It happens all the time in The Sword. You might say it’s by design! The Dwarf must make an attempt to acquire the sword, by any means at his disposal. After that attempt, the sword becomes an obsession.

Our confusion was trying to figure out the consequences of the failed test. From what I’ve read from others, his “free will” is in deciding whether he will take the Stand & Drool or invoke I Must Have It!. If he takes I Must Have It, then he must do EVERYTHING in his power to gain possession. If the player doesn’t wish his character to have to go to such extreme measures, then he needs to take Stand & Drool. Right?

Yup. Dwarven greed trumps free will. Either the dwarf stands there drooling, fighting against the very core of his being or he goes for it. He can go sneaky, violently, belligerently, whatever. But he goes.