Question why one book?

So first post and a question. Why does bw gold leave the two book format?

“Five is the number of the wheel”

My guess? It’s a conspiracy to distract us from the next book they have in the pipeline. I mean, c’mon, all that talk about being done with Burning Wheel from a writing standpoint? Smokescreen. There will be a new “Fifth Book.” Any denials from BWHQ will only be construed as further evidence to the veracity of my hypothesis.

Now, what will this new book be?


Anyway, I think it’s, as they say, just part of reorganizing everything, as well as making it more friendly for mass distribution. A slipcase would have done the latter well, but I think the reorganization of information was important. Hub, Spokes, “Now create a character!” Then integrate the Rim BIT by BIT :wink:

Once you hold it in your hand, you’ll see.

I can’t quite explain it, but there is something very cool about this single hardcover book.

Also yeah, what Aaron said about how it now is able to be organized how it was meant to be read, couldn’t do that with two books,

Also, when is this going to be released? I’ve been trying to keep up for weeks now but I can’t find a solid date other than “august”.

After Gen con, so my guess is somewhere in Mid-to-Late August

So I got the book. Holding it in my hands and I’m still not convinced. I really liked the ability to hand out the red book and say “Here you go. This is the only thing you need to worry about now” while keeping my own grubby hands on the rulebook. I also felt it was easier to flip around in a smaller softcover book.

On the other hand it gives additional incentive for everyone to own a copy of BWG. so shrug

As a sidenote the new character sketches and examples are amazing.


I felt the same way to start, just wait until you start using it in play.

One bit I think is definitely nice is the organization of hub then ChaBu then rim. Really encourages the suggested order of learning BW.


I felt that way, but I think all it needs are those little postit page-finder thingies for key sections and I’ll be golden.

Yeah, character burning may be a slooow process for my group. No one but me will have the book. =( On the plus side, it’s out for delivery, so I should have it by this evening!

I’m rather hoping that lifepaths of Man haven’t changed much - or at all - so that I can share my BWR CharBu to hasten the burning process. But if lifepaths are instead vastly improved somehow, I won’t complain.

I realize this will never happen, but I’m still pining for a more toolkit-oriented presentation of The Burning Wheel.

One book, containing:

The Burning Wheel Fantasy Roleplaying System, including:
~ Fire in the Garden & Character Burning chapters, and The Lists chapter minus all the special character stock-related skills/traits
~ the Monster Burner chapters and Appendices of the Monster Burner book
~ the Magic Burner chapters of The Magic Burner book

And another, optional, support/“setting” book, containing:
~ all Lifepaths and related/associated/special Skills and Traits from the CharBu, MaBu and MoBu
~ the Bestiary and Creature Codex chapters of the MoBu
~ the Arcane Library chapters of the MaBu

This imaginary scenario in my head-space would result in two books - one with pure system, the other with pure setting - both approx. 600 pages or so. Lifepaths of Man would be available for download so you could start playing without the “setting” book.

Similarly, a setting-less, toolkit-oriented presentation of the Mouse Guard system would likewise be pretty cool.

It can’t happen because it’s impossible!


Well maybe someday if I ever have some extra cash, I can purchase the three books, then chop’em up and re-bind them via kinko’s copies…

alas… the Frankenwheel Fantasy Roleplaying System - it’s alliiivve!!

Really enjoying BWG though, good stuff!


::grabs pitchfork::


If you burn the Frankenwheel, does it become the Burning Wheel again, or is it the Burning Frankenwheel Fantasy Roleplaying System?