Questions about BE over at the RPGsite

Always interesting to read about BE, especially when you’re waiting for the physical book to arrive :slight_smile:

But I must say that was one of the stranger rpg forums I’ve visited. Everyone seemed rather hostile of anything that was remotely different from “classic” roleplaying. I did only read the two BE threads though, so I shouldn’t really comment too much on the clientele.

Didn’t really get the “Oh, cool, something new!”-vibe from those threads. But probably in the same way one poster didn’t get the “you all meet in a tavern” from BW.

But, interesting nonetheless.

Ha! What a loser. He sounds like he wants to play a computer game rather than an RPG!

Further proof of loserdom:

I`m very undecided on buying Burning Empires, i love the stuff it promises but loathe the character centered stuff about issues and shmissues…

He probably is. However BE could easily support a grand space opera game with sweeping themes, multi-planet empires at stake etc etc.

It’s just not what BE is designed to do. It could do it though…

I have heard simular statements form other though. I want a game where I can rock my work, conqour my foes and not really have any personal issues for my character at stake. Really he wants a complex resource aqusition game that is player on player. Sounds fun, but it is not role playing in the sense that I enjoy.

I tried to make an account to make a statement. Then thought better of it. Best to leave it alone. Though it always frusterates me to hear people dismiss the premise as if the game is broken.

does it support long term play? yeah, a game can last three phases at 10 or so sessions a phase thats 30 weeks. a good long game that should get stale. Then you can move on to something else and come back to BW and play another Chapter of the Empire’s struggle. I guess many people want a game to run indefintly. But at the same time when I read (or attempt to read books that never stop: The Tire of Chronos :twisted: for example) it frusterates me. I like arcs that you know… arc! up and down and end. they leave a woundeful feeling when they end well. games that go on indefintly that never end but just putter out are unsatisfying.

I also think that many people have yet to grasp that every RPG does not need to have an endless setting and purpose. Most of the game sI play now are limited in scope and I play the one that I feel corresponds most with what I want. The right tool for the job kind of thing.

anyways… sorry… I guess you all got my rant that was suppose to go to the Wargamer.

personally, I think he wants Burning Empires.


but he needs more convincing that BE is actually exactly what he wants

… and I don’t like his attitude about “character stuff”…

I’ve been looking around the RPGSite forum since it’s come up here recently. Um, is it me, or do alot of the people (not naming names or anything) on that forum have, er, “issues”?
I thoroughly enjoy (by far, mainly) lurking (or participating if I have a particular point to make) within quite a few forums including the forge, harnforum, here and the like. There have been differences of opinion and heated comments made on all of them by a wide cross-section of those communities (myself included), but boy, I’ve never seen the open hostility & down-right bitterness that’s displayed on RPGsite’s forum.
All of the forums I subscribe to are nice places to be. The people are friendly, helpful, patient and on the whole always ready to help. Differences of opinion occur and can get ‘heated’ but rarely out of hand. RPGsite’s forum however seems the antithesis of this whole concept of ‘community spirit’ and makes me very glad that my first taste of RPG forums wasn’t RPGSite.
Sorry for the rant. I had tried to follow some of the “discussions” that were occuring about GNS, BE and the Forge but found myself stabbing a D6 into each eye to ease the tortured pain of the BS being thrown about by certain members (staff) of that forum. I sigh a contented sigh of relief upon returning to the civility & calm of the Harnforum, Contested Ground’s forum and here.

It’s weird. I know you guys think he is a loser, but what he wants is exactly what I wanted from BE. An Empire-falling, Space-Opera resource management game with political moves and some knife stabs to someone’s face.

The only difference is that from my head-ache inducing PDF reading of the text, I think BE is going to deliver……once I get the hang of the book.

Am I a loser, kublai? AM I???

shakes fist under Kublai’s nose

You are a loser, cawshis, but not for reasons stated above.

Whew! I was worried.

Wait a second!!!