Questions about Fight


I moved to the Fight sub-system. First, just thanks again to all of you who had the patience to answer my questions in my previous posts :slight_smile:

I have a couple of questions regarding disengage.

-The first actually is found in this old thread
and I was wondering if after all this time there is an official errata for it

-The second is just to clarify. If player A disengages from player B at the beginning of an exchange, he can immediately engage some other player (not B) and script normally right? I know it is stated in pg 461, just that it is not specified in pgs 437-438, when dealing with the rules about Disengage, and I wanted to make sure it is not another errata.

-Actually I have a third question about positioning when multiple opponents. Let’s imagine that Player A and Player B are engaged, we have also player C disengaged. At the beginning of an exchange, Player A and player B vie for position against each other, while player C (with a longer weapons than player A) tries to engage player A.

Also, Player A has the advantage from the previous exchange against player B and he has a +1D for a better stride than player B, so he rolls (for example) +2D for his vie for position test against player B. Now player C, with a longer weapon and faster stride than Player A, wants to engage him. How do you resolve the engage test between Player C and player A? Does player A roll again for his speed?

Edit: No worries, I found an answer for my third question by Luke, saying that in that situation Player A just keeps the results of his VfP test from his speed dice, without taking into account the results generated by the strida and weapon advantage dice. I will have to use coloured dice :slight_smile:


I see the confusion here. It’s a switch in perspective in the writing—from disengaged to disengager. It’s not the rule.

I’ll try to clean it up in a future printing, but the rule is: If you fail to disengage, you cede any advantage you had.

Thanks for the clarification Luke. I will put a post it in the book :slight_smile: I will buy any future printing of this game, keep the good job!

I was expecting to have more questions about Fight, but I found them all answered in these forums…that is of course until I start playing the game I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Great! I move on to next chapter

I indeed have another “question”.

To change an action in an unannounced volley you must forfeit an action, unless you have finished your opponent, in which case you can change them for free.
I was wondering if it would be a bad house rule to allow characters who have been knocked prone as a result of an attack, to change actions to the “get up” action for free.


I like how it is now. If I knock you down in the second volley, there’s some incentive for you to stay prone until you can script “get up” without losing an action.

If I recall correctly, there was some of that in the Mazarbul fight between not-Gimli and a troll over in the arena. For several actions, I’m just doing the best I can to keep the troll at bay until there’s some breathing room for me to scramble to my feet.

I remember that fight fondly