Questions About Jack Guns

So, I have questions about Jack Guns and Jack Lasers. I’m reading the brick, and I’m unclear on whether you use the Close Combat skill with them in close combat, or whether you use the assault weapons skill for jack weapons in close combat.

You always use Close Combat in close combat!

Thanks a lot Luke. I just bought the brick, and I can’t tell you how happy it makes me. You, Christopher Moeller and the rest of the team really outdid yourselves. Keep up the good work!

So the way I read this, then, a Jack Gun would do I: H4, M: H4, S: H7?

Jack gun damage is listed at the top of page 517.

Oh, I see: Jacked reduces the exponent of M/S hits by one, and that’s already factored in for the Jack Gun.


A lot of the weapons in the book can be thought of as being trait modifications on a base weapon. For instance the Jack Gun, Assault Gun, and Heavy Assault Gun are both modifications of an archetypical “assault rifle-like” weapon that is IMS (H)5/8/11 and intuitive. The jackgun is then techburnered to be jacked and quick and has a capacity downgrade, whereas the HAG is given a range and capacity upgrade as well as the heavy trait (plus a +1 Superb mark, but I like to think of that as a hidden “more bullets” trait bonus).

But yeah, everything listed in the weapons table has had all modifiers already applied to them. Also, between intuitive, quick, and their long-arms style IMS progression, jack guns are beastly in close combat.

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Or use Psychology instead.

Never bring a knife to a brain-fight.

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